What Functions Must A Piano Tuner Perform?

A piano tuner is a person who should be entrusted with the task of making very small adjustments to the tension levels in the strings of a piano and which are an important part of every piano. With the help of these adjustments, the strings will be properly aligned at set intervals and this will ensure that the piano will sounds like it is in tune, which it obviously will be after it has been properly tuned.

Remember, that tuning a piano means more than simply obtaining specific pitch sets. Only a qualified piano technician will be able to assess the interaction between various notes which in the case of each piano happens to be something that is unique to a particular piano.

Essentially, a piano tuner needs to be called in to tune your piano from time to time to ensure that the pitch and tone as well as touch of the piano are perfect. Only a qualified tuner will be able to adjust the tuning pins in the piano to a point where all the strings in the piano achieve optimum tension and this is what will ensure that the piano makes the right sounds and at the right musical intervals.

There is nothing as bad as a piano that is out of tune. In fact, an out of tune piano will neither sound good nor provide the right response each time a piano key is depressed. This can discourage a novice musician who is trying to learn how to play this particular musical instrument.

Piano manufacturers therefore recommend that the piano be tuned at least 2 or 4 times in a given year. Doing this helps to ensure that the piano will sound the way that it should and the keys will also be more responsive when the piano players fingers run over them. A new piano must always be tuned at recommended intervals.

In fact, during the first year after your purchase of a piano you can expect a bit of instability in the piano. This can only be rectified through timely and proper tuning.

If you fail to tune the piano at the recommended intervals, it will cause the piano to sound hopelessly out of tune. To prevent this from happening, you will do well to hire the services of a professional piano tuner who is knowledgeable and also an expert in doing the necessary tuning work.

Remember that piano tuning requires careful handling and so you must ensure that you only allow a qualified technician handle this aspect of owning this particular kind of musical instrument.


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